My puppy

Nowadays many people like to have a pet, for it can bring more happiness, and much wonderful life. I also have a puppy named Maoku, which is a havanese from Cuba. Many people say that dogs has emotion like people, and I find it is true after I have my puppy with me. He is one fifteen month old now and he has already learnt a lot. For example, he knows the order of jump, run and stand, which is really cute. And when I am not at home, most time he just stay by the door waiting for me home, and once he sees me back, he becomes excited. And he like to sleep with me. And puppy is like baby, he needs your accompany, if you don’t spend time playing with him, he will become sad and unhappy.

Having him, my life become much colorful.

Advertising using search engine marketing

Search Engine Marketing is one of the advertising strategies that have changed dramatically over the past few years. As a result, this has promoted the use of blogs and SEO content to enable marketers work towards creating the best marketing strategies for their products. WordPress SEO Plugin is one of the most common factors used to optimize websites. For the blog created for the purpose of this assignment, the SEO content seeks to use major keywords so as to ensure that the advertising goals are found in the research. The website is

The title of the post in the website is Advertising Using Search Engines. In addition, the about page has been customized to represent the sentiments of the author and also show the various elements that the readers might want to know about the author such as values and attributes. The post in the website is meant to explain to a client how to optimize a blog and is as typed below:

In order to optimize my blog and enable various clients have access to the information in the blog in various search engines, it is important to ensure that there is proper research on keywords so as to ensure they are very unique and cannot be found in other similar blogs or websites. In order to increase the chances of advertising through my blog, there is need to ensure every article written in the blog has 100% originality so as to help ensure that consumers are not directed to other websites when they search for online products. In addition, it is important to ensure that the posts in the websites or blogs lay focus on keyphrases that have Low-Competition rates so as to avoid situations that might lead to various inconsistencies. Optimization of the blog would help greatly in ensuring that advertisement activities do not fail hence allowing the users to work towards having access to raw information  that has not been customized by any other websites. In summary, writing SEO content for blogs needs creativity that would ensure that keywords are highly unique. The website is also connected to a Google Analytics account to enable readers have proper access in

The Link to the post is…search-engines/




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